vinylium dubcutter

with the vinylium dubcutter you will be able to cut your own record at home. just mount the vinylium dubcutter on a technics turntable 1200/1210 and start cutting from any audio source!

plug and play

the cutting process is very easy to learn. our manual will help you step by step to achieve your first cut. if you find the time for picking up your bought dubcutter at our plant we will get a trainee session for free!

brilliant sound

the vinylium dubcutter is the only record cutting system available which provides a feedback controlled cutting head. the result is cristal clear sound from the deep bass to the highest frequencies - from 20hz up to 18 kHz.

as vinylium owns the full knowhow about professional disc cutting equipment we were able to adapt this technique to a high performance cutting system for home users. the result is that your recording reaches nearly the same quality as a cut of a professional cutting room.

dubplates vs. vinyl

the vinylium dubplatecutter together with the vinylium diamond stylus allows you to cut vinyl-like material in a very good quality. for brilliant sound we recommend to cut on acetates (dubplates).

look and see!

the cutter can be seen at vinylium switzerland. send an email for an appointment. we already sold many cutters worldwide.

if you would like to have a sample please let us cut your track by the vinylium dubcutter. information and prices can be found here. if you are going to buy a vinylium dubcutter afterwards you will get a credit note for this sample plate.

you can't get enough?

the vinylium dubcutter is upgradeable to a professional mastering machine.

reliable partner

vinylium guarantees a long term service. all parts can be replaced quickly.

more questions?

may you check the faq first. if you have some further questions please do not hesitate to contact us immediately by email.


price & availability

the series is sold out. no more dubplate cutters for the moment


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